Sunday, March 11, 2007

Geneva – Lac Léman

Without Lac Léman, Geneva is incomplete and without Jet d’Eau (Water Jet), Lac Léman is incomplete. They are both integral parts of Geneva. The city's most noted landmark, the Jet d'Eau is situated in Lake Geneva. Its 140-metre-high water column is visible from many parts of the city. This jet remains closed for three months during peak winter. Also, in year 2000, Geneva was awarded the Wakker Prize for its architectural heritage.

This freshwater lake is very big in size (more than 70 KM long) and spread to France also. A small part of it is attached to Geneva which is called Petit lac (small lake). The remaining part is attached to France. So, the ferries are another way to go lakeside French area. After a ferry ride of 10 minutes we are in France. As far as I remember the max. width of the lake is approx over 10 kms.

In this lake the main leisure activities are sailing, wind surfing, boating (including water skiing and wake boarding), rowing, fishing, scuba diving and bathing. And yes, swimming as well. There is a separate section of shallow water for children. It was always fun watching all these activities. As I said earlier, my first apartment was very near to the lake.. just 100 meters of walking distance !!

Almost all the people have their own boats which are ‘parked’ here and in weekends one can see them coming in cars, parking the cars alongside and take the boats for rides to other places to spend the weekend. I felt so jealous of them at that time. :)

You can see the parked boats and

the parked cars along the lake.

Water jet is in the back ground in both the pictures.Click on them for enlarged view.

The railway track along the lake provides a scenic beauty to long distance train travelers. More on that in some other post. :)

The path or promenade along the lake is very wide and long just like we have in Bandra bandstand or Worli sea shore in Mumbai. But compared to that, these two are very small stretches, both in width and length. People of all age group come there regularly for jogging, walking the dogs and most importantly skating. The weekends were busy with skating competitions and stunts. But the whole area becomes extremely cold during winters.

The petit lac portion is so small that we used to walk along the sides to go to the other side (crossing a bridge) where we had our favourite ice cream kiosk ! The distance is hardly 2 kms. [ Around CHF 2 for an ordinary vanilla/strawberry flavoured cone :(( ]. CHF is the Swiss currency also called the Swiss Franc in English speaking countries.

In this picture you can see all – The Jet d’Eau (water Jet), the place where I stayed and my favourite ice-cream shop.

The world famous Geneva festival (a post will describe it later) happens along the lake and on the last day there are splendid fireworks right in the middle of it.
I have at least 200 pictures of this lake alone. I can speak on and on about this lake as every weekend I used to go there for strolling and I remember every tree/corner/building of that area.
Only one thing I missed out (that remains in my wish list). To read a novel lying leisurely on a free boat on a sunny afternoon near Jet d’eau.


Bendtherulz said...

Good accounting....and I do hope yor wishlist gets accomplished. Yeah, all the places where I go and unwind I do carry some of my fav books or...thin volumes of poem and they make great read...somehow the words take much deeper meaning......!

You can throw as much pics you want...we are all!

Fleiger said...

calling a water jet "waterjet"... how original ;)

But I do envy you living so close to such a beautiful lake. Did you go in for boating or anything?

Ice cream...

AJEYA RAO said...

House close t lake is awesome....You must have enjoyed a walk in the evenings.

Mridula said...

Lovely post and what lovely pictures. As I said before, I keep looking eagerly for your travel posts.

Cuckoo said...

Thank you.
You can throw as much pics you want...we are all eager... Wait !! Let me breathe first. Maintaining two blogs is not a joke. See my very first post here. I had mentioned for one post in 2-3 weeks time. So, actually doing more than that. :))

I do envy you living so close to such a beautiful lake.. Oh yes, that was quite an enviable place. After staying in that beautiful city I didn’t want to come back. :))

Did you go in for boating or anything? Of course, I went. What do you think ? Ohh I don’t know how many pictures I should put in here.

Ice cream... Hee Hee.. but not chocolate flavour ;)

You must have enjoyed a walk in the evenings.. Yes, very true. I enjoyed every bit of it. Even in peak winters I used to go near the lake. :)

I keep looking eagerly for your travel posts.. Thank you for dropping by. Keep coming.

niki yokota said...

200 pics?? woooow!
wat is that yellow car??
the pics are really breath-taking!
dont forget sun screen lotion when u read outside. muahh

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